Our Mission

According to a study from Greenlight, 86% of teens are interested in investing. However, 45% say they haven't invested yet because they don't feel confident.

Investing is the best way to reach your own financial goals and gain financial independence. It is an essential toolset that every young person should understand and use to their advantage.

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Our Name

Our name mirrors our mission. We believe that everyone can reach financial income and build up additional income streams.

However, it is not as easy as some get rich quick schemes may lead you to believe. You have to understand how to manage your finances properly and put in the required effort to become a successful investor and reach your goals.

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What To Expect

We aim to help young beginner investors to get started with investing and make intelligent investing decisions. Our beginner-friendly and up-to-date guides will teach you everything about different aspects of investing.

You will find the following on The Scalable Investor:

  • Beginner-friendly guides about important investing topics.
  • Well-researched information based on publicly available sources.
  • Unbiased guides, book summaries and product reviews.
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Tell Us Your Story

We would love to hear what challenges you experience when learning about investing. Any comments, suggestions, or opinions are welcome, and we will give our best to respond to them.

You can reach out to us on Twitter or send us an email.

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Getting Started

Are you new to investing? Then we recommend you to start learning about the basics of investing. Our beginner-friendly guide will teach you everything you should know before learning about more advanced concepts like different asset types or portfolio management.